In a recent study performed by the University of Michigan some staggering results were uncovered. According to the study, it is predicted "the average physician practice will lose nearly $44,000 over five years due to a  failure to leverage the benefits of its EHR." This seems backwards. The purpose of an EHR is to provide healthcare practitioners a way to become more efficient and increase their revenue, not to cause a them to lose money. The age of healthcare cloud computing is upon us, with many labs and physicians practices understanding they will need a lab CRM in the near future. The problem is, those that have already made the switch to EHRs are beginning to see this isn't quite the solution they need.

     According to the article, "University of Michigan Study Predicts that Majority of Physician Practices Will Lose Money on their EHR systems," it is not all bad. Currently EHR systems are not being used to their full capability and as a consequence physicians' practices are losing money, but the fact remains that "EHRs have the capacity to improve patient care and physicians' bottom lines." How do we tap into this capacity? It is clear that having lab management tools and a way to easily grab lab analytics are vital to the success of labs and practices, but an EHR by iteslf is not proving to be the solution. is a cloud-based healthcare CRM that can offer a solution to the troubles associated with EHRs. This cloud-based healthcare CRM does not replace an EHR but instead draws data from it and then provides real-time analysis. Through, labs and practices can gain a full 360-degree view of all internal operations and interactions, while also supplying business intelligence. The business intelligence aspect of offers real time analysis of turn-around-time, foreceasted sales, and volume drops among others. 

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