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ProjectVelocityLogoIn a press release issued this morning, hc1.com® officially announced the launch of Project Velocity, a company-wide growth initiative that focuses on major product releases and accelerated industry adoption. To kick off Project Velocity, hc1.com is unveiling version 4.0, which helps users better drive accountability and consistency throughout their healthcare organizations.

"As hc1.com continues to rapidly expand by working with leading organizations to personalize the healthcare experience, we're in an excellent position to build the ultimate healthcare cloud company," hc1.com CEO Brad Bostic said in the release.

Designed from the ground up to help labs, radiology groups, and health systems personalize the healthcare experience for providers and patients, the hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ enables clients to increase service levels and innovate for growth by making informed business decisions. hc1.com is already extending its leadership position as the ultimate solution to personalize the healthcare experience, growing its customer base by 25% in the second quarter of 2014.

Project velocity and hc1 4.0 join other hc1.com growth initiatives, such as our expanded headquarters on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, our announcement to create 175 new jobs by 2019, and our recently renovated website, which includes resources for healthcare organizations to personalize the healthcare experience.

"We believe no other healthcare focused cloud company is better positioned than hc1.com to create exponential gains across the continuum," said Bostic. "We are laser focused on bringing our massive innovations to the broad, global healthcare market."

To learn more about growth initiatives at hc1.com, read the full press release here.

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