Happy 4th of July Weekend! Here at hc1, we are prepping for the long weekend and cooling off with our on-site ice cream truck. As we look back at the first half of 2015, it may be easy to call out the low points, the looming issues in healthcare that are unresolved. But today, in honor of the most patriotic of weekends, I want to celebrate some trends that are leading to a beautiful – and healthy – America.

Growing Transparency in Healthcare
Patients and the providers that serve them are clamoring for unhindered access to healthcare. From billing and payment information, to clinical data and test results, the need for fast access to answers is higher than ever. Healthcare organizations are feeling the pressure, and are starting to give the people want they want through public-facing rating sites such as Medicare's Physician Star Ratings and Consumer Reports.

Rise of 'Trendy' Workouts
"Thank goodness for Cross Fit." That may be something you hear daily from those indoctrinated in the cult-esque world of elite workouts, but it is becoming increasingly heard in healthcare. The rise in popularity of Cross Fit, Soul Cycle, Barre Yoga, and other trendy fitness programs is only raising America's knowledge of wellness initiatives.

The Shift From Volume to Value

It is well known that the healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of patients shuffling through a physician's revolving door while dollars just land in the doctor's pockets. Organizations are getting paid based on how healthy their patient populations are - and how long they can keep them that way. There are incentives in place to ensure this model stays on track, which means patients are in store for A+ attention from docs.

The Advent of Mobile Health

I think we can all clearly recall the biggest technical release of 2015 - the Apple iWatch. This coincided nicely with other Mobile Health releases, including a FitBit resurgence, the iHealth initiative, and other devices. Leading physicians are already predicting that by 2020, the #1 place we will go for healthcare is our smartphones. With millions of smartphone users across the country, and billions more across the world, this means healthcare has never been closer or easier to access.

Healthcare Becoming the 'It' Industry Across the Board

From technology, to media, to politics, healthcare is everywhere these days. At last month’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, there was an entire ceremony dedicated to healthcare-focused pieces, with more American entries winning prizes than ever before. Wellness campaigns targeting children, women, and other groups are driving factors of a worldwide renewed focus on population health. Check out my favorite ad here.

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