No matter where you listen to music these days - online, in the car, on your phone (or watch!) - one thing is the same: there are some songs that just get it. And in healthcare, we need more things that just get it. So here are 7 songs that are meant to be on the ultimate healthcare industry playlist:

You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones

It seems like everyone is on different sides when it comes to healthcare. Patients want shorter wait times and cheaper care. Physicians want streamlined communications and clear reimbursement guidelines. And insurance providers just want to get paid - and fast. When everybody wants different things, sometimes what people need gets lost in the shuffle. Healthcare is moving towards a value-based payment model, which will influence every single facet of healthcare. So we may not get what we want, but we just may get what we need.

Ten Thousand Words by The Avett Brothers

If you are like most healthcare professionals, then you are still reeling at ICD-10. And yes, there are more than 10,000 ICD-10 Codes (almost 70,000!) confusing physicians, pharmacists, and lab technicians across the board. As much as we would like to go back to the tranquil days of ICD-9, we understand (or at least pretend to) that everything happens for a reason, no matter how melancholy it makes us.

This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies

Are there any truer words in healthcare than "It took a long time to come"? As 2016 rapidly approaches, decision makers are hunkering down in planning and strategy meetings to make this the best year ever. Some big trends for 2016 include real-time analytics and metrics, connecting with patients and clients on a social level (aka texts, etc.), and breaking down data silos across organizations. Thanks to all of the new solutions coming to market, this will truly be the year to make big things happen in healthcare.

The Times They Are A-Changing by Bob Dylan

With all of the changes hitting healthcare, now is a serious time of change in the industry. Small laboratories, practices, and health systems are being acquired right and left by big-name conglomerates. Laws surrounding the Affordable Care Act and reimbursement rates throw a continuous string of left turns into day-to-day activities. However tedious these changes may be, we must continue to move forward and make strides towards healthcare innovation.

Problem by Ariana Grande (covered here by Hozier)

I think this song is pretty straightforward - there is no shortage of problems in healthcare. Unlike Ariana, however, we can't just stop going to the doctor. We can't just ignore the billions(!) of dollars spent on Medicare every year. And we can't just magically fix these problems over night. Healthcare will never be our "one less problem," and it will take communication, collaboration, and an industry-wide effort to try to fix it.

Shooting Star by Bad Company

This period of change in healthcare has opened the door for innovation, creation, and exploration. Healthcare is the new fertile ground for startups, and everyone is looking for a piece of the action. From big names such as Theranos and IBM Watson Health, to smaller point of care solutions, healthcare IT offers a myriad of opportunities for creative ideas. But only time will tell which of these ideas will fade out, and which are truly shooting stars.

With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

And, at the end of the day, we are all in this together. Providers, patients, payers - everyone has a stake in the state of our healthcare system. In reality, we are all getting by, but that really isn't enough. As patients, we deserve value-based care and service - and we should not be treated as a number or a paycheck. Doctors should be able to have a holistic, 360-degree view of their patient population, down to their characteristics and personality traits, to help provide more personalized service. Laboratory professionals should have complete visibility into the health of their lab - and their client relationships - to run more efficient, streamlined businesses. The tools and solutions are ready, we just need to take the next step as an industry and survive with a little help from our friends.

What songs are on your healthcare playlist? Let me know @ecmooney!

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