Today’s leading laboratories are well aware of the challenges in the healthcare marketplace: declining reimbursements, regulation uncertainty, and the consumerization of health plans are at the top of any list. Labs must now look for new and innovative ways to increase profits while reining in unnecessary costs -- all while providing an unprecedented level of customer service to ordering providers and patients alike.

One of the best ways to jump start this value-based care operational style is by implementing a test utilization strategy throughout your lab. While it may sound daunting, test utilization solutions are a great way to jump start cost-savings and customer satisfaction in your lab. Here are 3 reasons to get started with test utilization solutions in your lab:

  • Proactively Manage Utilization Metrics
Double down on operational efficiency by tracking over utilization and antiquated ordering to ensure the right test is administered to the right patient every single time. Labs can now measure daily inpatient testing and results in real-time to recaptre lost revenue and employee time. With less repetitive draws and trips to the clinic, patient sentiment and satisfaction also increases. 
  • Rein In High-Cost Testing

Increase visibility into high-cost and obsolete tests while expanding education offerings to providers and clients that are ordering these tests. Labs can now work 1:1 with providers to ensure they're only ordering high-value, low-cost tests. 

New_Test Utilization - Obsolete.png

  • Optimize Physician Ordering Practices

Track ordering trends at the physician level to pinpoint which physicians need education around test ordering practices. Labs can identify physicians who are constistently ordering repetitive or unreimbursed tests, drill through these reports to see individual physician ordering practices and exceptions, and then present the offending physicians with data-backed utilization reports and benchmarks. 

Want to see how test utilization solutions can help improve your lab’s bottom line? hc1 will be at the ASCLS-AI/CLMA Spring Meeting on April 13th in Coralville, Iowa. We’ll see you there!


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