Earlier this month, Sarah Bruyn Jones of Diagnostic Imaging wrote an article titled, "Measuring Productivity On The Rise; More Direction Needed" that addresses the need for radiology practices to go beyond Relative Value Unit (RVU) and consider relationships.

The article states an estimated 80% of radiology practices are measuring productivity levels, up from an estimated 50% in 2010. Although monitoring RVU's is an important part of measuring productivity, it shouldn't be the only evaluation. Non-clinical work, such as building and maintaining healthy relationships with physicians, can distinguish a radiology practice from the rest of the pack.

Radiology practices have the ability to go beyond RVU's by leveraging data and relationships together with the hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Cloud. With hc1.com, radiology practices can calculate and display RVU productivity by individual radiologist and his/her "seat" all on a user-friendly dashboard. If your practice wants to measure beyond RVU, hc1.com's radiology-specific Business Intelligence dashboards can display where radiologists are spending their time, such as at their seat reading exams or out to a leadership event.

Northwest Radiology Network is already seeing the benefits of the hc1.com healthcare-specific cloud solution, which you can see in the video below. If you would like to know what else hc1.com can do for your radiology practice or healthcare organization, contact us today.


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