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The team recently attended the Beryl Institute Patient Experience conference, which took place April 8-10, 2015, at the beautiful Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. During the conference, the phrase “I am the patient experience” took on a whole new meaning. Attendees learned not only how important it is for patients and their families to feel cared for and respected, but also how each person’s role in the healthcare field contributes to making their experience a positive one. and the Patient Experience

With the shift from volume to value seen in the healthcare industry, representatives from health systems were very interested in discussing how to personalize the patient’s experience using technology. Providers have countless interactions with patients during which they learn about the patient’s likes and dislikes. But the question remains- where is this valuable data stored today? If this data were collected, could we make these patients feel more acknowledged in a world that typically only uses a medical record number to identify them?

As Beryl Institute goers passed by the booth they learned the benefit of building patient profiles and combining clinical and personal data to create a holistic view of their patients. This personalized experience results in a positive evaluation of the health system, and causes the hospital to stay competitive in a value-based market.

However, just as the patient experience begins before the patient walks in the door, personalizing it should too. When you know how the patient likes to be contacted, whether it be by text, e-mail or phone, you are much more effective in preparing them for their procedures, reducing no-shows, and addressing any questions they may have immediately.

As patient advocates and healthcare providers started to take a closer look at the hc1 environment they were beginning to understand that collecting personal data is just the beginning. The key to this data revolution is having the ability to drive action and accountability.

Key takaway

Keynote speaker Jason Wolf from the Beryl institute spoke about the meaning of patient experience. The Beryl Institute summarized the definition as this:

The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. looks forward to the day that these “sum of interactions” are accounted for and tracked in every healthcare system across the country to make every patient experience a positive one.

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