Everyone knows that healthcare and politics mix about as well as oil and water – right? Well, maybe that’s a bit far-reaching, but the truth is that it’s almost impossible to have a discussion about politics without mentioning healthcare. Need to catch up on the big issues? Here are some hot topics that are sure to be on the ‘must-discuss’ list as we ramp up to the 2016 elections:

  • Vaccines

With the unprecedented measles outbreak that started in California late in 2014, a new debate has sprung up just in time for election season – the role of the government in family decisions. Having children vaccinated isn’t a law, and there are supporters on both sides of the argument. But with over 100 people in 14 states infected with the preventable disease, when does a family decision become a federal issue?

  • Population Wellness

Some may remember a few years ago, when a huge step in population wellness was taken by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he banned the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. The government is taking strides to combat diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, but what does this really mean? Higher taxes on sugary foods and drinks? Banning the sale of alcohol to overweight people? The debate is hot on the role of government in telling Americans what to eat and drink - even if it's in the name of good health.

  • Value-Based Healthcare

This is a huge issue, not only in politics but in general healthcare. As the Affordable Care Act cuts down reimbursements, physicians and hospitals are looking for ways to keep the money rolling in. And this means providing value-based care to patients. In a recent press release, the HHS set a goal of tying 30% of traditional Medicare payments to value. Even lawmakers realize the importance of quality over quantity in this new healthcare environment, and you can bet they will discuss it in length.

What are some more issues you think will be hot-button topics in the upcoming elections? Tweet us @hc1_HRM and let us know!

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