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In this hyper-connected era, every industry is under pressure to provide a seamless consumer experience - and healthcare is no different. Patient interactions with providers, payors, and health administrators are graded on the same scale as their interactions with Uber drivers, airline service apps, and the like. So how can healthcare, a traditionally tech-stagnant industry, catch up?

Thankfully, there is no shortage of ways hospitals and healthcare organizations can increase patient engagement and improve the patient experience across every step of the patient journey. From ambulatory services, outpatient care, or post-acute stays, technology is proving to be the key to building superior patient experiences. has joined forces with Interactive Intelligence and Four Aces, Inc. to present a webinar focused on how hospitals and health systems can keep patients in their systems and engage them throughout the entire care journey.

Date: Wednesday, November 2
Time: 1pm EST
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Attendees will learn:

  • New approaches to keeping patients well-informed and well cared for
  • Best practices for engaging patients during transitions of care
  • How one leading hospital is on track to capture $10M in what would have otherwise been lost revenue thanks to cutting-edge engagement solutions


About the speakers:

Courtney Hauser, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts,


Courtney is a healthcare services professional with over 14 years experience in systems strategy and project management with private-practice, academic medical center, and vendor market segments. She is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals understand patient data and implement lean workflows to streamline internal and external processes. Courtney has been with for over 3 years. is the proven healthcare relationship management leader and has helped nearly 1,000 labs, health systems, and post-acute care organizations overcome data silos to perform at the highest level and deliver truly personalized service.

Micah Solomon, President & CEO, Four Aces, Inc.


Micah Solomon is a customer service expert, entrepreneur, business leader and author. He is a renowned keynote speaker on customer service, the customer experience, corporate culture and building five-star customer service organizations. As a featured contributor and author, Micah specializes in building 5-star patient experiences, client service excellence, and service customization for healthcare. Micah has been featured on, Forbes Media, Hospital Impact, and Hospital Review, and is the best-selling author of two recent books.

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