Drawing from its AT & T ForHealth practice area, AT & T recently announced its Top 5 Healthcare IT Trends for 2013.

#2 on list: "Hospitals and other healthcare institutions including payers will begin to move more and more healthcare data into the cloud, with data analytics to better manage healthcare costs by finding and addressing patient needs earlier."

The trend is on-point with the rapid adoption of hc1.com, the world's leading Healthcare Relationship Management solution. hc1.com is the ultimate Healthcare CRM solution that is transforming the way medical laboratories around the world manage their client relationships.

Rather than bogging down valuable IT resources in installed hardware or trying to customize generic CRM solutions that are not built to meet the specific needs of healthcare, hc1.com is available via the cloud at any time, from anywhere.

hc1.com Lab CRM:

  • Does not require any hardware or software.

  • Is optimized for all devices, including mobile.

  • Requires no upfront customization, ongoing maintenance, or upgrades.

  • Can be activated and available for users to access in weeks rather than years.

  • Does not require a training resource or library – instead, hc1.com is always up to date.

To learn more about hc1.com's healthcare cloud computing solution, visit www.hc1.com.

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