The ACO (Accountable Care Organization) reimbursement model stalls without robust, real-time intelligence on patient care. On its own, this isn't news to health systems who struggled through capitation and now face the challenge of enabling caregivers with the intelligence necessary to both improve patient care and drive bottom line growth.

Upon reading Brian Eastwood's recent article, titled "Healthcare Needs Data Analytics for the ACO Model to Succeed," a few points hit home:

  • Once this information is attained, population health platforms that drive intelligent decisions are critical.
  • The value of a platform begins and ends with a seamless experience for time-strapped providers.
  • Data abounds but useful information is elusive. Healthcare providers are "data rich", yet "intelligence poor".

biz_circle_altNot sure what I mean by "intelligence poor"? Refer to the visual on the right. The first component represents data; everyone has it but what are healthcare providers doing with it? Some may take the next step and turn this data into information, which can prompt some interesting questions. Yet, it's the intelligence component that can answer these prompted questions and drive action. Using this intelligence to take action on client issues then ensure action was taken through closed-loop accountability can change the business of your healthcare organization.

The shortest path to value an ACO will be using the abundant data available to make informed, real-time decisions, without burdening providers with additional overhead. Transforming data into intelligence is a critical first step. Equally important are platforms that deliver real-time, HIPPA compliant communications and action based on that healthcare intelligence, empowering providers to deliver outstanding healthcare experiences. Ultimately this approach reduces friction within an healthcare organization, improves the patient experience, increases reimbursement, and reduces costs to your business. The ACO is now over-delivering on their value proposition. was built from the ground up to solve this problem for healthcare and all entities involved (whether it's a health system, laboratory, radiology practice, etc.). We optimize relationships and information access across the continuum of care with the Healthcare Relationship Cloud.

Contact us today to learn more about how the "90/10 Advantage" positions your ACO for success in this rapidly evolving space.

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