The more I peel back the layers of the onion at, the more excited I am to work for the company and to be part of the evolution. I joined the company because I believe that it is solving the healthcare crisis in our country and stands to impact millions of lives by improving healthcare through enhanced access to important intelligence and improved communications between healthcare professionals. helps medical laboratories (such as clinical reference and anatomical pathology labs) gain a 360 degree view of their business while creating stickier, more profitable relationships. In my opinion, is like taking and marrying it with a Labratory Information System (LIS), electronic medical record database (EMR), and a supply chain solution for starters. The capabilities of the lab CRM platform are far beyond simplistic lab management tools or lab tracking software. By simply subscribing to, labs are able to use this online service to manage the entire client lifecycle – spanning sales, client service and operations – securely through a web browser. 

It is for all of these reasons that I feel like I am sitting on a rocket ship on the launchpad with the thrusters smoking just prior to liftoff. The company is poised for continued growth and success, and I am to be part of the team as Director of Sales for the northeast.

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