A blog series by Kyle Ray, Online and Event Marketing Intern for hc1.com

The customer, the living, breathing centerpiece to nearly all business operations. Without the customer, there is no business. The customer experience exists as an everlasting relationship between a company and its customers. How are they treated throughout the duration of business? Companies tend to be more successful when they invest in their customers. A client relationship builds upon itself with day-to-day business operations, but to really develop a sound relationship, companies need to go the extra mile to emulate a VIP experience for their full-spectrum of clients. In the end, the client’s overall impression of the company will drive the nature of their relationship

During my experience in the hospitality industry, the phrase “the customer comes first” was drilled into my brain. I was taught no matter the situation, the customer is ALWAYS the top priority. My first day on the job, our manager walked up to me with a beaming smile and claimed  “We didn’t hire you to work the front desk, we actually hired you to be an actor!” Confused, I smiled and nodded, assuming she was kidding around. I quickly learned she was being completely serious.

The hospitality industry places customer experience on a pedestal, because the nature of the industry is completely driven by the customer’s experience. At the hotel we were pushed to go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience for all hotel guests, which would raise our Guest Satisfaction Score (GSS), and continue to set us up for success down the road.

Unfortunately, not all industries carry the same hotel-mentality when it comes to working with clients. The healthcare industry; being responsible for so much more, is reputable for treating its patients like numbers, not people. hc1.com is in position to reverse this trend by personalizing the healthcare experience with its healthcare specific CRM platform.


Working with clients is an ongoing process, and hc1.com provides top of the line service, collaborating with one another to ensure all goals are met. It starts with taking the time to learn about your client. What are their needs? What are their intentions? Actually getting to know who and what you’re dealing with is a key ingredient when it comes to developing a client’s experience.

Not one client is exactly the same. They exhibit their own brand and style of business, which separates them from the crowd. Here at hc1, we take that into consideration and formulate a solution that is tailored directly to the client. Together, hc1 and their clients construct a unique timeline for each phase of the core activation. Effective communication is essential when dealing with any client, especially during the activation process.

But the client experience doesn’t just stop after the activation process. Client Success Managers (CSMs) are in constant communication with their clients in case anything comes up. This foundation allows the client and hc1.com to form a long and successful partnership, which in return, leads to a more personalized healthcare experience for all providers and patients involved.

Providing a positive experience for clients will transcend into an everlasting impact on a company’s brand. In reality, the consumer has the power of choice. My time in the hospitality industry showed me how large of a role customer service plays. It can make or break the reputation and future of a company. Whether it be the hospitality or healthcare industry - or anywhere else for that matter - the consumer will always be in the driver’s seat. As a company, it’s your mission to be the best copilot on the market.


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