Heading to HIMSS in Chicago next week? If not then you're the only one - there is expected to be over 35,000 healthcare and technology professionals in attendance at the four-day event. One of the longest-running healthcare conferences in America, this year promises to be especially exciting due to the myriad of HIT advancements in the past year alone.

So, in preparation for the biggest meeting of HIT minds, we have compiled the best from around the web to educate, entertain, and get you ready for HIMSS15!

Consider us ready for the weekend. The good people of the Healthcare Leadership Blog took it upon themselves to create a HIMSS-specific playlist that they say "represents the tone, emotion, and general feeling of this year's conference." Might we suggest Revolution by the Beatles? Because that's what HIMSS turning into - a straight-up Healthcare Revolution.

Jam out to the #HIMSS15 Mixtape here.

Healthcare IT News is always a go-to for the latest news in HIT (I guess you can judge a website based on it's name), so it should come as no surprise that they have ramped up their HIMSS15 coverage. This listicle highlights 7 tips from HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors, such as "strategically unfollow" and "don't Tweet too much." Considering almost half of the planet is using social media in some way or another, I highly suggest you brush up on your Twitter etiquette!

Commit all 7 tips to memory here.

  • 11 Things to Know Before HIMSS15 by Beckers

Beckers Healthcare IT & CIO Review has always been a steady stream of insider information, and this proves no different. From keynote descriptions, to must-visit booths, Beckers has you covered. They even recommend a quiet area where you can escape from the chaos with book signing events - these guys have clearly been around the block before.

Stock up on insider tips to wow your co-workers here.

The site so nice we named it twice! Healthcare IT News does it again with a collection of tips for handling the daunting 35,000 attendees, as well as all the sessions, dinners, and parties that go along with the people. My biggest tip? Download the booth map on your phone and always have a buddy on speed dial - unless getting lost in a sea of vendors is your idea of heaven, then swim away!

Unlock the hacks to stroll bravely into the exhibit hall here.

  • And, of course, follow @HIMSS on Twitter

The granddaddy of all HIMSS15 information? The OG herself, HIMSS. The HIMSS Twitter feed is already abuzz with all the must-see sessions, the sure-to-be-hot topics, and every Top-10 HIMSS15 list you will ever need. Helpful hint - include the hashtag #HIMSS15 or tag @HIMSS in your tweets for maximum exposure!

Follow the one true king of HIMSS information here.

Find another great HIMSS15 article that should be on the list? Let me know @ecmooney!

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