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The hc1 Research Institute worked with Hospital 100 to publish a study on the growth of telehealth and remote monitoring strategies in leading hospitals and health systems. Together, we conducted a survey to C-level executives and other leaders on telehealth and remote monitoring in their organizations.

Here is just one compelling finding from the study:

  • While 88% of executives say that telehealth is a strategic plan for growth, they are quick to acknowledge the competing priorities and obstacles to completing this type of strategy. These obstacles include lack of reimbursement guidelines for telehealth and competing IT projects. So, while it is clear that health systems understand they need to implement telehealth as a strategic initiative, many are only using in limited or isolated applications, suggesting that they have not yet begun to deploy telehealth as a full-scale, enterprise-wide strategic initiative. But the new technologies arriving in healthcare, including CRM solutions, will make telehealth an inevitable part of the healthcare continuum.

The study goes in-depth on the two main factors for implementing new technological initiatives: decreasing costs and mitigating risk. The changing healthcare environment is forcing organizations to examine how they are providing service to clients, while addressing new concerns that were not their 10 years ago. The hc1 Research Institute and Hospital 100 hope to uncover these challenges and present survey-based data to prompt change.

Read the full study here.

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