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Are you riding the wave of healthcare disruption, or getting washed ashore?

Every week we read about the constant changes in healthcare and provocative and innovative ideas that go against the status quo to adapt to the ever changing healthcare landscape. Two articles from Becker's Hospital Review struck a cord with me:

Not long ago the thought of providing a refund for a dissatisfied patient seemed, well, ridiculous! For hospitals that are focusing on improving the overall satisfaction and experience of the patients they serve, that thought isn't that ridiculous anymore. In fact, Geisinger Health's CEO David Feinberg has implemented that strategy systemwide to ensure his hospital is not only learning where they are failing their patients, but working to continue to improve the healthcare experience.

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In most industries across our country, businesses are investing big money into technology to improve they way they communicate with their customers. In healthcare, patients haven't always been look at as customers, and maybe that is where the problem starts. That said, there are other complexities like HIPAA and ensuring PHI is always protected that make healthcare very different from other industries. The good news is the restrictions on communication mediums that can be used in healthcare are starting to be lifted as the technology gets better, easier to use and more secure. In a study on features used by smart phone owners, the PEW research center stated that 97% of smartphone owners used text messaging at least once over the course of the study period (one week) making it the most widely-used basic feature or app; it is also the feature that is used most frequently. The Joint Commission banned the use of test messaging for providers 5 years ago. That ban has now been lifted and is a great step in the right direction to improving engagement and communication from provider to patient!


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