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Tomorrow, March 14, marks a very special time of year - Pi Day!


This much anticipated annual holiday marks the time of year when the date, 3.14, matches the first three digits of this ancient number: 3.1415926.... This number that (in)famously never ends represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter - and haunted most of us through high school geometry.

Here at hc1.com, there are exactly three things we really enjoy:

  1. Making the healthcare experience better
  2. Celebrating holidays of all kind
  3. Eating pie

Which is why Pi Day is easily our favorite holiday! And this year, 2015, Pi Day is even more important. At exactly 9:26:53am, the date and time will line up exactly with the first 10 digits of this magic number, to the sure delight of Pi lovers around the world.

3/14/15 9:26:53 --> 3.141592653

So, wherever your weekend takes you, make sure you save room for a little pi!


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