Warning...Blue sky.

In a recent article by The Dark Report titled, "CDC Surveys Doctors Use of Laboratory Tests" physicians identify challenges associated with lab testing ordering and result interpretation.

One common thread among most primary care, unless employed by a big health system, is the sheer number of different EMR's they can select. Some are just "waiting it out" for retirement while others are forgoing the fed incentive and will deploy prior to the fed penalties.

The issue for labs is, other than a portal they might deploy, there is not a common communication medium between labs and clients regarding clinical lab support. As the article points out, they seek other sources outside of the providing lab rather than the lab tech or lab medical director, where the work was originally performed.

For our lab clients, hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Management could be a potential universal communications portal. We could enable a conversation amongst lab staff or even the lab's other physician clients and make it a medical communication network. Additionally, we could make certain aggregated result information available through our healthcare Business Intelligence solution for those who are participating in the community.

As the article also points out, one of the top calls from the lab is, "Where are my results?" Again, this is an opportunity for hc1.com to create a case and, through partner aps, release results to the physician in one system and one encounter. At the same time, track the number and reason for the missing results.  So if we enabled a secure communication from end lab client to the lab medical director, and shared the interaction more broadly, it could be a powerful way to embed hc1.com and provide real clinical value.

See the full Dark Report article here.

hc1.com is a lab CRM solution with Business Intelligence capabilities, see for yourself here.

Shown above is a chat, or conversation, amongst the staff at a fictional lab regarding the Average Panel Revenue by Specialty chart.

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