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Recently, submitted our innovation to the Health Acceleration Challenge, a forum joint-curated by Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. The Health Acceleration Challenge is looking for healthcare innovations that have a proven, scalable, effective answer to the question: What proven innovation have you created that
would enhance health care value in the U.S. if broadly disseminated?

This challenge facilitates actionable conversations and feedback through the Open Forum, where participants can read about, comment, and build upon submitted innovations. As a fast-growing healthcare start-up, is eager to receive constructive feedback from the other Health Acceleration Challenge participants. All innovations are evaluated based on impact, evidence, and scale-up plan, and finalists are invited to a Health Care Innovation conference hosted by Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School, and are also the topic of a case study written by top Harvard faculty and alumni.


There are few relationships in a person’s life more important than the relationships with their healthcare providers – so why are healthcare relationships so low on the totem pole of health concerns? believes that healthcare should involve complete transparency and streamlined communication between patients, their doctors, and the various healthcare professionals that they interact with. By empowering laboratories, radiology groups, and health systems to educate providers to provide the best patient experience possible, can truly enhance health care value in the United States – and beyond.

Go to to learn more about how is delivering the 5-star healthcare experience and Applaud us today!

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