PrintAlere, one of the fastest-growing toxicology enterprises in the world, is using's real-time dashboards and Communication Center to pinpoint trends and a stay a step ahead of potential client challenges. Alere processes more than 12 million lab tests for over 70,000 global clients across eight lab locations.

Due to Alere's rapid growth and multiple acquisitions, they were using several different LIS and billing systems, resulting in major headaches for leaders across departments. In a competitive industry with little provider loyalty, they needed a way to make fast, sound decisions at every level - from executives and lab managers to sales and service reps.

"We can immediately respond promptly to handle an issue, or pass the follow-through on to another department and track its resolution. And with a global, real-time view of our operations, we're able to confidently make decisions throughout an organization." - Scott Taillie, VP of Marketing and Business Development.

In the video below, Scott goes on to explain Alere's background, challenges before, and how they are using the solution today:

For more on Alere and, download the case study.

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