...All while delivering superior client service.

Find out how hc1.com's web-based laboratory software helped NeoGenomics Laboratories--a specialized genetics laboratory providing diagnostic testing technologies to the pathology oncology markets--reduce error rates, streamline processes, and provide a consistent, superior experience to its clients.

Using hc1.com, NeoGenomics has gained:

1. A real-time, holistic view of each client--without having to log in to multiple systems or duplicate work.

2. The ability to interface directly to its clients' systems in order to communicate orders and processes results, therefore eliminating the common delays and issues caused by paper-based ordering.

Download the hc1.com and NeoGenomics case study here.

About hc1.com:

The hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Management Solution helps medical laboratories win more clients and serve them for life. Much more than a lab crm or lab outreach solution, hc1.com leverages data from existing systems in order to present a real-time, 360-degree view of every relationship within an easy-to-use dashboard.

Learn more about hc1.com by downloading our free hc1.com Toolkit.

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