In a recent article by Gloria Metrick featured in Lab Manager Magazine, she discusses the importance of laboratory informatics. She describes informtics as "the act of doing something useful with your data".

She goes on to discuss the two most important tasks we need to accomplish with data:

1) Collecting all the necessary data that you will need.

2) Take the information you gathered and actually reciprocate the data usefully. 

She discusses the fact that most times companies don't focus on how they can actually put that data to good use, because they are so focused on collecting the data. She suggests that you consider what data you will need later on in the process so that you can only collect the necessary data. In order to make the data collection worth your time, this method is going to be the most helpful because it allows for you to only take in the necessary information.

Later in the article she brings up two points as to why seperate data silos are not the most effective:

1) With seperate silos the data has a tendancy to be repeated and that can seriously jeoparadize the outcome of your data collection. 

2) With seperate silos you don't have the luxury of being able to connect all the different data that is stored in those silos. 

She also talks about the fact that there is not one single system that will allow you to take the information you gathered and make complete use out of every piece of data. Furthermore, you will need to gather information and try your best to successfully link those pieces together in order to make the most of the data that you have collected. sits at the top of all your silos and allows all of the information stored in those silos to come together. will be able to help your company make the most use of it's data and you will be able to get the maximum potential out of the information that you collected. It will be able to enhance the way you look at data, which creates a smoother process of checking data and allows your company to be more efficient. 

Read the full article here:

To find out more about informatics and client data check out this complimentary whitepaper.

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