In today's constantly changing healthcare landscape, healthcare executives should be able to quickly answer critical questions such as: 

What are physician ordering patterns and claims patterns in your region?

Are you able to target specific providers to bring in new referrals and capture new revenue?

Can you understand which providers are prescribing what drugs and who to engage based on that data?

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Unfortunately, many healthcare leaders and executives aren't able to effectively get to these answers without reactive guesswork and manual reporting. That's why the team at has been hard at work on our newest product offering, hc1 ProviderView™. This innovative solution is built on the award-winning hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management (HRM) platform and leverages the proprietary hc1 Data Refinery to seamlessly aggregate large sets of CMS claims data and then present these insights to users on a provider level to help facilitate better decision making. 

With hc1 ProviderView™, healthcare organizations can now:

Easily access an organized and aggregated NPI database for efficient and proactive workflows.

Deliver precision marketing programs to drive more referral business and foster better relationships with providers.

Quickly solve provider related issues, track historical interactions, and follow up with accounts.

Want a behind-the-scenes look at hc1 ProviderView™? Contact today to set up your personal meeting. 

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