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Not many interns can say that their company sent them to the Indiana State Fair for a day, hosted very competitive dip competitions, had co-workers fire Nerf darts at them at least ten times a day, and had an office party during the USA World Cup game. These are just a few of the activities that hc1.com provides it’s employees to give them an opportunity to have fun together as a company. Togetherness has been a theme that I’ve seen at hc1 that has made me grateful to be involved in not only a great company, but rather a community. hc1 not only gives interns a welcoming first learning experience in the real world, but also provides a community atmosphere.

As I began my internship almost a year ago, I had no previous experience in the healthcare industry. It was my first internship and I felt a bit hesitant when trying to learn about the monster that is healthcare. My fears were immediately shut down after being in the office and interacting with co-workers. Although it is a fast paced atmosphere, hc1 is also an easy going one. I never hesitated to ask a coworker a question and never felt any impatience from them. As a first time intern, this was extremely comforting. Our industry and product is definitely complex, but hc1 gives it’s employees such a vast amount of resources to learn about the product and healthcare news. There seems to be endless amounts of information to learn, which has kept things fresh and challenging. I also experienced such warm, friendly people right away. Although I was known as a co-worker’s little sister, I could tell that everyone was so genuine and kind. Co-workers also proved to be goofy, throwing Nerf darts at me from day one. This gave me the notion that hc1 was about getting things done, but also having fun during the process.

Work hard, play hard has been a steady theme throughout my internship at hc1. Teamwork plays a role in this, with employees helping each other come up with solutions to problems or generate ideas as a group. Anyone working at hc1 knows that group meetings are far from rare and there is a great emphasis on teamwork. For as hard as employees work at hc1, they play just as hard. I didn’t realize that a company could provide such a wide range of activities for employees to have fun at work. It has seemed like every other week, there has been an event for employees to get out of their desks. Whether it’s bringing a masseuse to the office or providing employees with free personal fitness sessions, hc1 has created an atmosphere that makes employees happiness a priority. This has strengthened the sense of community as well.

hc1 has made deliberate moves to create a community within the organization. I have always felt like I’ve belonged to something bigger than just a company. The activities provide this feeling, but also the way employees treat each other. Seeing the company support The Aidan Brown Foundation, which was founded by one of our coworkers and his family, was incredible. A community is something that I was looking for in a company and hc1 went above and beyond providing one.

My first internship at hc1 has shown me what an ideal company atmosphere looks like. Teamwork is emphasized, laughter is not foreign, and rewards are personal as well as motivating. As a young company, hc1 has developed a workplace that people want to be a part of. I truly believe the future can only hold bigger and better things for hc1.

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