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Chris Leeuw, Senior Technical Instructional Designer here at hc1, was recently named one of Indianapolis's Forty Under 40 by Indianapolis Business Journal.


After a 2010 accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, Chris realized that traditional rehab programs just weren't optimized for severe spinal injuries. At NeuroHope, patients receive longer visits - for less out-of-pocket costs.

“Indy has top-notch providers, and for inpatient, that’s fine,” Chris said in his interview with the IBJ. “But for traumatic injury, there’s a void. We’re trying to complete the continuum of care.”

Because spinal injuries require extensive rehabilitation and expensive equipment, most of NeuroHope's operating costs come from donations.


"We work in a free space down at the University of Indianapolis, and many students there volunteer and observe," Chris said. "But equipment can often cost upwards of $100,000. We want to keep our out-of-pocket costs as low as possible for the patients, which means we rely heavily on donations and volunteers.

"I just really hope this honor helps raise awareness of what the NeuroHope team is doing in the community," Chris said of his inclusion in the list. "This also shows that the IBJ and the larger Indianapolis community recognizes that what we are doing has the potential to positively impact a lot of lives."

Learn more and donate to this amazing cause at neurohopewellness.org.

Follow Chris & NeuroHope on Twitter @NeuroHope

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