Every industry is experiencing a startup boom - and healthcare is no different. The healthcare startup market is bursting with companies built to solve problems, and it can sometimes be hard to stand out from the crowd. Beckers Healthcare, the leading source of cutting-edge business and legal information for healthcare industry leaders, recently published a list entitled 6 Health IT Startups To Know.

Check out the blurb from Beckers below:

The platform is designed to combine clinical and business data to provide insight to drive an improved consumer experience. hc1.com's Healthcare CRM platform aims to manage client, provider and patient relationships through live analytics. The company's clients include Cleveland Clinic; Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis; Washington University in St. Louis and more. The company has more than 600 client locations in five countries.

Personalization, engagement, and collaboration have always been the cornerstones of the hc1 platform, which is custom-built for the ground-up for the healthcare industry. This recognition by Beckers comes on the heels of a recognition by Gartner as a leader in both the Patient Engagement and Persuasion Analytics category and the Consumer Engagement with Healthcare and Wellness category.

You can read more about hc1's Gartner recognition here.

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