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Everyone’s middle school favorite is back: Field Day, adult edition! Technically, it’s called Corporate Challenge, it’s more than one day, and participants drive Mini Cooper’s instead of Go Karts, but the same excitement, feelings of class [ aka company] camaraderie, and desire to beat last year’s champs linger over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


The two-weekend annual Indiana Sports Corps Corporate Challenge got underway last Saturday with summer favorites corn hole and sand volleyball.

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh would have been proud of the effort displayed by two Indianapolis local healthcare software companies, hc1 and PolicyStat. While partners off the court, the semi final game showed the competitive spirit of the employees at innovative, high growth companies.

In a close 3 set match, the more experienced Policy Stat team came out on top, moving on to face Octiv in the championship round.

Events like the Corporate Challenge unify the Indiana business community and are a shining example of corporate wellness promotion. With active events for individuals of all skill levels and interests, the Corporate Challenge motivates employees to get off the couch and be active, while having fun with colleagues outside the office. hc1 looks forward to next weekends activities, which include the perennial favorites tug-of-war and team relay.

hc1 Communities is dedicated to promoting corporate wellness at an internal level as well, which is why we are proud to announce the 3rd annual Aidan Brown Foundation 5K Run/Walk, happening October 22. Sign up here to join this amazing event. You can learn more about Aidan's story and his foundation here.

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