Fresh off being selected as a winner for the Red Herring Top 100 North America award this past May, was also recently nominated as a finalist for the 2013 Red Herring 100 Global Award. The Red Herring editorial team selects "companies demonstrating the most innovative technologies and business models originating from over 1,000 companies across 40 nations." All companies nominated as finalist are past Red Herring winners from Asia, Europe, and North America. These companies are all judged on a wide variety of metrics, including financial performance, growth, and potential globalization of the strategy, among others.

This is tremendous recognition for a company that has been growing rapidly since early 2011. In fact, not long after it's nomination as a 2013 Red Herring 100 Global Award finalist, was also recognized in the Indiana Business Journal. This article highlighted five Indianapolis companies that have potential to be the next ExactTarget. This article talked about not only the success has already had, but also the growth potential because of the size of the Healthcare market. You can read the full article here. CEO and Founder, Brad Bostic, will get a chance to make a presentation on behalf of at the 2013 Red Herring Global Forrum November 18-20. The Top 100 winners will then be announced at the awards ceremony on November 20th. To learn more about this prestigious event, feel free to watch the video below that features a few words from our CEO, as well as other nominations.

For more on being recognized for this prestigious award, view the press release.

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