The® Healthcare Relationship Management™ solution was recently included in Mark Terry's Dark Daily article, "Business Intelligence Comes to The Clinical Laboratory Industry--Finally!"

The article recognizes the growing trend of clinical laboratories adopting Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in order to address the current pressures they are facing, including the need to 1) improve quality 2) deliver a higher level of service and 3) squeeze out every unnecessary cost.

According to Terry, "It should also be noted that the arrival of reasonably-priced, easy-to-use business intelligence solutions tailored specifically to the needs of clinical laboratories and pathology groups is an important development. Everything in life-and the American healthcare system-is moving to 'real time' information feeds and decision-making." is included within the article as a solution specifically designed to support the business functions and operational needs of a medical testing laboratory. is a truly unique solution in that it extends beyond Business Intelligence and also serves as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for laboratories. is the only specific Healthcare CRM solution available to medical laboratories and hospitals that combines real-time clinical intelligence & business intelligence, provides critical alerts and notifications to lab personnel and physician staff, and includes secure communications to optimize the relationships among healthcare professionals and improve the quality of healthcare.

You can view the and Dark Daily full article here.

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