3 sales directors from hc1.com attended the CLMA conference in downtown Atlanta this past week. 

The sales directors continued to educate Hospital and Independent laboratories from across the country about the monumental shift that is underway with regards to how labs can now proactively manage and measure their clients success with hc1.com’s Healthcare Relationship Management solution. 

In fact, numerous members of the CLMA’s board of directors stopped by booth #435 to see what the buzz was all about as they heard hc1 was a revolutionary lab analytics solution …. all were pleasantly surprised to see hc1.com’s cost effective approach to providing a cloud based healthcare specific CRM solution to unlock all of the rich intelligence that is stored in many of the different “siloed” information systems labs utilize. 

hc1.com was so well received that 25 different labs booked appointments to gain a deeper understanding of how hc1.com will help make every provider feel like you most important client.  For those of you who missed out on meeting one of our sales directors, stop by www.hc1.com/demo to request an appointment!


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