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Early this morning, hc1.com proudly announced our new status as an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), as well as our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Competency Status.



“Amazon Web Services serves as a powerful foundation for the hc1 Platform that enables us to deliver secure, highly scalable, highly available solutions that personalize the healthcare experience for our clients,” said Brad Bostic, founder and CEO of hc1.com, in a press release.

hc1 joins the ranks of only other organizations worldwide to have gained AWS Healthcare Competency Status. Both APN Advanced Technology Partners and AWS Healthcare Competency Partners undergo a rigorous certification process. As part of the Healthcare Competency process, hc1 demonstrated success in helping healthcare providers and payors securely store, process, transmit, and analyze clinical information.

“An important criteria for certification is real world success, which we demonstrated by showing how hc1 is widely adopted by healthcare professionals to drive efficiencies and growth within their organizations,” said Laura Breedlove, senior vice president of technology at hc1.com, in a press release.

You can view the entire release here.

You can learn more about the AWS Partner Network here.

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