Like many large laboratory systems, Cordant Health Solutions operated different IT systems at each location with no communication between the various systems. Their leadership team had no visibility into real-time data or trends, with little insight as to what was happening at each location. 

As one of the only toxicology laboratories that includes a full-service, high-touch pharmacy specializing in complex management and dispensing of controlled substances, Cordant Health Solutions need a solution that would create a true partnership to support and accomplish its goals.


For Cordant to expand their toxicology services and become a reliable industry leader in toxicology and pharmacy services, the lab needed all locations under the same IT umbrella. This meant integrating all data to make decisions at an enterprise level. Determining which system to partner with was an especially difficult decision for Cordant because it needed support for lab services, as well as a system to support its additional business segments: medication monitoring, treatment, worker compensation, criminal justice, health plans, hospitals, and pharmacies.  

After a long process, Cordant selected hc1, a healthcare CRM platform, because of its focus on healthcare and agility in meeting ever-changing needs across Cordant’s locations. The hc1 platform integrated real-time data from each separate location and provided complete operational transparency into each area of the business.

After activating their healthcare CRM platform across multiple departments – billing, sales, IT, customer service, marketing, field ops, account setup, and logistics – Cordant’s leadership team now has critical information at their fingertips to proactively address client needs.

With their new healthcare CRM platform, Cordant is:

  • Enabling their team to use email messages to instantly build cases, improving time management by not having to re-type information from emails into case files.
  • More proactive by analyzing clients who have not ordered supplies in the last 30 days and cutting out unnecessary shipping costs on overnight shipping.
  • Gaining insight into what causes volume variance and capitalizing on the spikes, allowing the team to get in front of issues before it becomes a larger problem.

Now armed with real-time knowledge, Cordant’s leadership team can anticipant client challenges and better prepare their team to provide excellent customer service that further differentiates their labs from others across the country.

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