PGXL Laboratories, a fast-growing commercial and research laboratory headquartered in Louisville, KY, knew it was time reign-in key data trapped among disparate systems and excel spreadsheets. With the addition of more employees, processes, and data systems involved in serving their clients, they needed to find a way to eliminate a significant amount of manual work so they could continue to deliver exceptional service to their clients while still enabling rapid growth.

PGXL_CaseStudy3"Exceeding client expectations can be challenging when you're trying to draw upon data stored in five or six different places," states Kellie Harrison, PGXL's Client Services Manager. "We spent hours backtracking through a variety of places in attempt to identify the root cause of a client issue," she adds.

Now, things are different. With the Healthcare Relationship Cloud, PGXL can instantly view a holistic picture of each provider's history and interactions, rather than hunting down this critical information through emails, excel spreadsheets, and various systems. "With one glance, I know exactly what to do. I can see what's happening with our top accounts, which clients need a phone call offering additional education or support, and the status of any issues," says Harrison.

Download this brief case study to discover how PGXL Laboratories, the first laboratory to be CLIA-certified specifically for pharmacogenetics testing, gained the ability to reach each of their clients with a personalized level of service while keeping sales and service in lockstep.

PGXL_logo1More on PGXL Laboratories: Headquartered in Louisville KY, PGXL offers molecular diagnostic testing, custom array profiles, and manages FDA clinical trials. The company was founded in 2005 by Dr. Roland Valdes Jr. and Dr. Mark W. Linder, worldwide thought leaders in the science underlying personalized medicine. Learn more at



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