know error, which helps with Diagnostic Accuracy by identifying the provenance of a patient's biopsy, realized that it was necessary to reevaluate how it accessed and acted upon important information based upon a major change in its clients’ needs.

“The expectation that labs and the providers they serve will have instantaneous access to key metrics and information is a huge shift that has occurred over the past several years,” says know error President Ken Cerney. “It’s clear that the lab leaders of today and tomorrow must be outstanding in the areas of managing provider relationships and making information available instantly,” Cerney adds.

Given this shift, Cerney and his team recognized that past processes – in which physicians had to make phone calls, trade voice mails, and potentially wait several weeks in order to gain access to critical lab data locked up in antiquated information systems –would not sustain the superior relationships that know error developed with its clients.

Find out how know error utiilized the Healthcare Relationship Management solution in order to deliver fast and accurate results, reduce upfront accessioning issues, and improve patient outcomes.

Download the know error and case study here.

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