Today, more than ever before, patients are bombarded with options when it comes to healthcare. From traditional PCPs to a CVS MedCheck to a Minute Clinic, the options are endless. It is up to traditional healthcare organizations (hospitals, health systems, etc.) to introduce innovative solutions to retain their current patients while effectively attracting new ones.

As healthcare shifts from volume to value, patients expect a five-star healthcare experience, similar to the one they receive in other industries like retail. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has become synonymous with superior client service and experience. Now, it is healthcare's turn to bring this Amazon experience to their patients.

The key to delivering this experience? Data.

Rick Cooper, Chair of the National Healthcare Practice Group of McDonald Hopkins and a member of the hc1 Advisory Board, summed it up thus:

I work with many hospitals, labs, and other healthcare providers and increasingly we are having dialogues about how they are going to position themselves strategically in the Big Data environment. We're all sensitive to the fact that having the right data, accessing it in real-time, and breaking down silos will be critical.

It will also be critical to be able to compile and analyze this data quickly and populate it across entire organizations in different ways for different positions within each organization. Payers, ACOs, employers, and consumers will demand demonstrable data supporting an outcome based system - resulting in unbridled value. Your reimbursements, your access to financial incentives and, in fact, your ability to access certain patient referral sources will be at least somewhat dependent on how good your data capabilities are.

How you manage and access this data will directly impact how you compete in the market, your patient retention rates, and your recruiting and retention of physician employees.

And, since it is 5 times more expensive to acquire new consumers then retain current ones, there is no better time than now to introduce this Amazon experience to your patients, providers, and clients.

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