Back in September of last year, hc1 was featured in the 2016 KLAS Healthcare CRM Report. While this distinction was undoubtedly exciting, it was only a small glimpse into the recognition hc1 would go on to receive from KLAS. 

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KLAS Research is an accurate and impartial healthcare insights company that analyzes large data sets to help healthcare leaders make better, more informed decisions. After hc1 announced our inclusion as a Category Leader in the 2016 KLAS Healthcare CRM Report, we've built a strong relationship with the independent research platform.

Recently, hc1 was awarded a KLAS Score of 90.1 - more than 20 points higher than any other CRM vendor in the category. This off-the-charts score, along with anonymous survey answers (according to KLAS, 100% of hc1 users surveyed said that "they would buy hc1 again" and that the hc1 platform is "a key part of their long term plans."

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As you work to evaluate healthcare CRM platforms on the market, check out to see how hc1 stacks up to the competition.   


As of August 22, 2017, hc1 now has a KLAS score of 94.2 - one of the highest scores ever for a healthcare CRM vendor.

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