Las Vegas: the city of delicious cuisine, excellent entertainment and gambling galore.  This week however, the ARIA Resort and Casio was home for 2 days to the Anatomic Pathology Foundation’s 2014 Spring Conference where great minds (almost 150 of them!) came together to discuss the challenges facing pathology today.   “Weathering the Storms in Pathology: Thrive, Dive or Just Survive” was the title of this year’s conference and very fitting as change in Healthcare is a constant.


On Thursday evening, along with other sponsors, hosted a wine tasting reception where we were delighted to see old friends and meet new ones.  Following the reception, we hosted an intimate dinner at the Jean George’s steakhouse inside the ARIA.  In addition to many of us trying Bone Marrow for the first time (pictured to the right) we discussed technology's increasingly critical role in healthcare. Specifically, we talked about ways to create a culture of accountability, how to leverage technology for more client-focused, actionable intelligence and a few industry best practices regarding the care continuum

The ability to be Proactive v. Reactive was among the hot topics chatted about throughout the conference.  Conversation after conversation we heard how static reports and looking in the review mirror isn’t going to cut it any longer.  Pathologist and healthcare organizations in general need a solution to help them increase quality, improve service and proactively manage both the provider and patient relationships.  Many of the folks we spoke to let us know that their systems and data are spread across multiple silos. The siloed systems make it near impossible to proactively manage quality and service improvements at both the individual provider level and across the entire organization.  Pathologists and business leaders were excited to see the demo because it addresses many of those issues; allowing you to leverage the investment that you’ve already made in systems, and shift your operations from reactive to proactive, which ultimately allows you to focus on transforming the healthcare experience.

There’s a reason why the® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ has been adopted across more than 500 locations around the globe. delivers actionable communication that improves the healthcare experience for both patients and providers and I invite you to see for yourself! Request a free demo today.


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